I live with multiple chronic illnesses, and I’ve accepted the fact that many of them and I will have to be “friends for life” – or at least learn to live as positively as possible due to the genetic and immune-system nature of the illnesses. By no means does this mean that I’ve given up on finding ways to make my life more manageable through lifestyle factors, and just prior to the start of the holiday season, I hit upon something really, really BIG!

What, you may be wondering did I decide to do? After years of GI problems, autoimmune issues, some which have firm diagnoses and some which do not, I decided to take the big step and go completely gluten free! Timing was not my strong suit, as I decided to do this just two weeks  (or perhaps a bit less) before Thanksgiving, but pulled off a wonderful GF thanksgiving dinner, and am still completely gluten free today, and not planning to go back!

why, you ask? I feel better!!! I have a “normal” GI system for the first time in my life, and complete resolution of “hot spots” that I’ve had chronically over multiple joints, including all of my fingers, knees, and others, since I was 4 years old. I also haven’t had a sinus or lung infection, and that is huge! My sleep has been regular, as have been my moods, and I just feel better overall! It is amazing! All from gluten!

Before I embarked on this gluten free diet, please know that I did discuss with my doctor and medical team, and I’ve had both a blood test and intestinal biopsy for celiac disease, which was negative, and must be done while still consuming gluten. I believe that gluten sensitivity is something that definitely impacts my life significantly, and I’m so happy that I’ve made this change!

Aliza Chana Zaleon, HHC