For those of you who have followed my journey on my other sites or read my story, you will know that I came to the decision to become a Holistic Health Coach due to my involvement in multiple organizations where I volunteered directly as a peer counselor to others with similar chronic illnesses, and after I began working with a new primary care physician who takes a “less is better” approach, rather than keeping me on every possible medication that may possibly help my chronic conditions. This took some adjustment, certainly! I went from being completely dependent on IV and tube feed nutrition to being able to eat whole foods, including some of the previously off-limits fruits and vegetables, proteins, and high fiber grains. This was a huge step, and while extremely scary, one that I’m now very proud, and thrilled that I’ve overcome!

So this past week, I caught a strain of the norovirus that was going around Chapel Hill, my mom’s classrooms, and all over the community. My mom had it before me, and my dad even had a touch of it, but for me, due to my type 1 diabetes, any illness can be more dangerous. I jumped into sick day protocol, and I used some of my pepper int and lavenoils essential oils to help with the nausea, but I was still having trouble with nausea and vomiting. I knew that my diabetes could quickly become a problem. I was checking blood glucose levels every two to three hours, sometimes more often, and checking both blood ketones and urine ketones each time I used the bathroom, and I unfortunately was positive for ketones. When one has type one diabetes, ketones are not a good sign! I had to call my doctor, go into clinic, and ended up requiring IV fluids for a few days at home to fully rehydrate and flush out the ketones.

I’m improving now, though I still feel very dehydrated, and may need more fluids — the jury is still out! For now, I’m pushing fluids orally, and trying to get some rest to get over this stomach virus.

I have found that peppermint and lavendeok essential oils are really helpful to relieve nausea. You can diffuse the oils and use aromatically, or apply to the chest, belly, or the soles of the feet. I like to dilute the peppermint in a carrier oil first. A good carrier oil is fractionated coconut oil.

it has been a while since I’ve required IVs for a few days at a time for hydration at home. I used to be on IV nutrition every single day, but thankfully, no longer need that therapy. I’m very thankful that I can still administer my IV fluids or medications at home if necessary, and hope that I won’t need to use them too often!


Aliza Chana Zaleon, CHHC