I live with insulin dependent diabetes, and I’ve been living with insulin dependent diabetes, since 2001, but positively since 2003. That was the year that I went on my first insulin pump. Since then, I’ve had two other insulin pumps, and I’ve had to jump through hoops to get them both. The pump that I currently have, in fact, was obtained by a “special” out-of-pocket upgrade offer from my pump company when this new model first came out. It was cheaper than an insurance deductible, and easier than going through the whole process. Anyway, it is about time for a new pump, and I started on that process last week with my endocrinologist and certified diabetes educator.

I’ve always used the same brand of insulin pump – Medtronic Minimed – but there some other really good options on the market these days. I was particularly interested in three other pumps and their features – all different, and things that my current pump cannot do. So, I did my research on Tandem’s t:slim pump, the newest on the market, the Animas pump, and Insulet Omnipod, a tubeless pump with a wireless PDM – an iPhone looking device that manages the “pod” and also acts as glucometer.

After talking to friends in the Diabetes Online Community, my endocrinologist, and my certified diabetes educator, I decided to go with the Omnipod tubeless pump! I’m sick of being tethered to tubing all of the time, and having to occasionally change my insulin pump site because the tubing snags on a random object. It will also be nice to wear a dress again without worrying about where to put my pump! Plus, it is waterproof, so I can go swimming without missing insulin. That’s always nice too!

I’m not thrilled that diabetes and insulin pumps are a part of my life, but as long as they have to be a continuing part of my life, I’m happy that I have the access to amazing technology to make living and managing diabetes much easier! Diet and lifestyle contribute to the overall management of my diabetes too, and just taking insulin alone will not solve or keep me healthy. It is a nice balance, a triangle, of medication, food, and lifestyle, that all has to stay balanced out to keep me as healthy as possible! Thankfully, I’m staying strong, and I think that my new pump will help to keep me strong, and even make exercise and activity a little bit easier!