I tried. I really tried my best.

You see, during this time of year especially, living in Chapel Hill, NC, the weather changes irritate my body. I get sinus congestion, lung congestion, and then I get all wheezy. My blood sugar levels start to go crazy, and I get crazy tired all of the time. My chronic lung disease, stemming from genetic mutations and a rare form of cystic fibrosis cause more frequent infections, and if not treated, can lead to hospitalizations and further permanent lung damage.

So I rested. Quite a bit more than usual. I used my essential oils to try to kill and ward off infections, and I’ve been using decongestant medication.

But, Monday, I went in to see my doctor. I just wasn’t getting better, and I was feeling really sick. I had a fever in clinic, which is rare for me, even when I do have an infection. So, it was decided that IV antibiotics, at home, would be the best course of action.  Luckily, I am able to do this at home, and not have to deal with the hospital for several days.

I started my antibiotics this morning (Tuesday), and will continue to supplement with my essential oils and more holistic remedies. This time, my body needed some extra help, but overall, I’m getting stronger and stronger.